Our Commitment to Going Green

900 Degrees is committed to continually evaluating our operations in order to employ more environmentally friendly methods of providing the best service to our guests. We believe that each initiative that we pursue with the help of our guests, no matter how small, helps to preserve our beautiful state for future generations.

Green Alliance Partnership

Green Story: 900 Degrees Neapolitan PizzeriaGreen Alliance is a proud partner with 900 Degrees Neopolitan Pizzeria, and the Green Alliance evaluates businesses’ commitment to environmental sustainability through assessments of production and service, supply chain management, employment, investment, community relations and vendors. Patrick Haigis of the Green Alliance has posted in their blog “The Green Story: 900 Degrees” which commends Priscilla Lane-Rondeau and 900 Degrees on the Sustainability Certification. Read the full story.

Green Recognitions

Recipients of the ‘2012 Green Pledge’ decal from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

The FIRST Environmental Champion Restaurant in the New Hampshire
Sustainable Lodging & Restaurant Program


There are five major areas to improve environmental procedures: Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction, Hazardous Waste Reduction, and Education. Below, are the procedures we have implemented in order to support our commitment to sustainability.


900 Degrees, LLC is devoted to minimizing its Carbon footprint in order to reduce the impact on the environment and protect our natural resources for years to come.



  • Energy efficient fluorescent lighting has been installed
  • Occupancy sensors in restrooms to control lighting
  • LED Exit signs
  • Policy to replace existing appliances with Energy Star models
  • Daylight timer on patio
  • Maintenance plans to assure equipment is working properly · The oven uses wood fire energy as opposed to electrical energy. Wood fire energy is a sustainable practice in New Hampshire as the percentage of tree growth per year is much higher than the percentage of removal.



  • We have installed low flow pre-wash rinse devices in the kitchen
  • We offer guests water upon request only
  • Procedures to detect and repair leaking toilets or faucets have been implemented · Plant watering has been limited to the early morning and only when necessary



  • Recycling facilities are provided in the office . Cardboard dumpster is located outside
  • Recycling dumpster is located outside for metals and plastic and glass
  • We’ve reduced our trash by 50%, an estimated 39,000 lbs of trash that we sent out in recycling   instead. Annually that is 46,800 lbs.
  • We purchase supplies in bulk quantities, and refill usable containers
  • Local produceis used to reduce transportation pollution
  • We purchase organically produced product, when available, from local producers · Single sided waste paper is used as office notepads
  • Our booths are from an old restaurant and were refurbished
  • Old/worn towels are used as cleaning rags
  • All dinnerware is reusable
  • Ink cartridges are recycled
  • Biodegradable take-home containers are used
  • The following items are made from recycled  products:
    • Computer paper
    • Toilet paper
    • Paper towels
    • Take-out boxes
  • We have communicated with our vendors to make sure they were packaging products in an environmentally friendly manner by using boxes made from recycled material
  • The building was pre-existing and was retrofitted to suit the needs of the restaurant.



  • Seal-Once Waterproofer, which contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organinc
    Compounds) and is Eco-Friendly is used to waterproof our front deck.
  • Green Seal certified cleaning supplies are used
  • Adhesive material on our rugs is made from recycled material



We are proud to say, that in April, our employees participated in the New England Carbon Challenge’s Employee Challenge. 900o has committed to 90,761 CO2 pounds to be reduced, and saved $9,144 in energy costs. If you would like to join the challenge:

Go to the website of the  www.myenergyplan.net At the top of the homepage select “Log In”.  Please register as a new user.

After you have created an account (optional) select the Personal Energy Planner from the home page. This is a tool that assesses how much energy a household is using and provides actions on how to reduce energy use which results in a big dollar savings. Enter some basic info about your household and how it uses energy before selecting actions to reduce energy use.  The best advice here is to complete the fields and keep clicking “next” as this will move you through each page of the Planner.

In order to be counted as part of the 900 Degrees Challenge, participants will have to select 900 Degrees from the Community drop-down menu in tab #3.

10% off any pizza! (one per table) for anyone who has taken the challenge.To check on the progress of 900 Degrees, click on the Map tab, locate 900 Degrees, Manchester, NH and check the up-to-the-minute statistics!

  • We work with vendors to obtain environmentally friendly products
  • Our environmental initiatives are communicated to guests via email communication, newspaper ads, and this website
  • Employees are educated about our environmental programs and taught to follow proper procedures
  • We are in the process of scheduling meetings where employees can share ideas and offer suggestions


8 of our 24 wine choices are grown organically, biodynamically and/or through sustainable farming.

These wines are denoted throughout our menu with the following symbol: tree

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