Meet Dan Gove, Epping General Manager

Dan Gove, 900 Degrees Epping General ManagerAs part of a new series about our employees, we spent a few minutes with the Epping General Manager Dan Gove. Below is a quick synopsis of our discussion and a brief insight into his philosophies about 900 Degrees, the Epping NH location and the hospitality industry.

How long have you worked at 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria?
I started as a host when the Epping location first opened. After a short hiatus at another restaurant, I came back to 900 Degrees Epping because I very much I missed the family-like work atmosphere. All in all, I’ve worked at 900 Degrees for five years altogether. During this time, I have been a host, a cook and filled in behind the bar before being promoted to manager.

How did you become a manager?
When the previous manager announced she was leaving, I saw an opportunity to increase my responsibilities in Epping. I contacted Priscilla and shared that I was hoping to create more of a career path at 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria. After discussing my experience and professional goals, I earned the promotion to general manager.

What is your favorite thing about 900 Degrees?
When I first started, the very warm and welcoming environment was the first and lasting impression of 900 Degrees. The staff is like a family and truly makes every day enjoyable to go to work. Even when the restaurant is running close to capacity and quite busy, everyone is calm and respectful to each other. And of course, the Bees Wings. Those are one of my favorite things!

What is one piece of advice for someone starting in hospitality industry?
Go into it with an open mind and act as if you know nothing. See what other people can teach you, and then figure out your way to do things as you go along. And have fun!