A Letter from Priscilla

October 23, 2018

We love you, Portsmouth, so we are heartbroken to report that we have closed our newest location in an effort to preserve the strength and integrity of our 12-year-old brand. The challenges of our Seacoast location proved too many to overcome in the time we forecast to become cash positive. We are crushed that we have to say goodbye to such a fantastic area of our state… you will always be more than just a summer love to us.

In the end, this is very simply about ending a drain on our resources in order to safeguard the bright and solid future of our other 2 locations. The third one was not the charm. We are obviously disappointed, but very much at peace with that reality, and need to make this move now to ensure we can serve you for years to come. Hard as it is, it is the right thing to do for the entire 900 family.

We cannot wait to see you in Manchester and Epping where we are truly excited to refocus our efforts towards continuously improving our brand. Visit 900degrees.com for specials, weekly events and features in Manchester and Epping. Please be certain to redeem all gift cards from 900 Degrees Portsmouth at your leisure in either restaurant.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives. So with heartfelt thanks and an eye towards a better tomorrow, we will just say “ciao for now!”

Our sincerest thanks for your continued support, and the very best wishes for our loyal Portsmouth employees and regular customers.

Very best regards,
Priscilla and the 900 Degrees family