Random Acts of Green

7 Ways To Be an Eco Friendly College Student

Here at 900 Degrees, we are preparing to send our college students back to campus. This time of year is always bittersweet – we are so proud of our team and love to see them succeed. But, boy, will we miss their smiling faces! As they pack up their cars and get ready to head back to campus, we would like to share this great article to remind them of their green, healthy 900 Degrees roots: 7 Ways To Be an Eco Friendly College Student. In the spirit of random acts of green, we hope you will share this with you favorite college-bound student. Click here to read the article.

Original URL: https://greenerideal.com/blog/7-ways-to-be-an-eco-friendly-college-student/

8 Simple Sustainability Tips

Here is a recent article we found about becoming more sustainable individuals. Although the author focuses on millennials (as the most connected generation to sustainability), we find these 8 simple tips could be useful for anyone with an interest in preserving our beautiful state for future generations. Click here to read the article.

Original URL: https://greenerideal.com/blog/8-simple-sustainability-tips-millennials/